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5 Things You Must Know Before Using Floor Scrubber Machines

Purchasing a floor scrubber machine can be a great investment for your business. However, if you don’t know how to properly use or maintain your machine, it won’t be worth the price tag. Use these 5 tips to effectively use this piece of cleaning equipment.

  • Not All Scrubbers Are Made for All Floors

There are both automated scrubbers and buffers on the market. Automated scrubbers are the traditional and more common option. These floor scrubber machines work on a variety of floor surfaces. They spray water and cleaning solution, then use brushes to clean the floors. Buffers are designed to be more gentle than automated scrubbers. Buffers have softer brushes to prevent damage on surfaces like sports courts.

  • Some Scrubbers Are More Comfortable to Use

Keep ergonomics in mind when you’re comparing floor scrubber machine options. Find one that feels comfortable to use, remembering that cleaning a large floor area will take some time. The machine you choose should be convenient and easy to operate, making your job easier, not more difficult.

  • You’ll Need the Right Type of Cleaner

When purchasing a machine, be sure to take note of which cleaners work best with which machines. You’ll need to take the type of floor you’re working on into consideration. Purchase the cleaner at the same time as your scrubber so you won’t have a piece of equipment that you can’t use right away. Also look at how much water and how much cleaner the machine requires. This could affect the costs associated with your purchase in the long run.

  • Using the Machine Requires Some Finesse

Janitorial tasks may not seem like they require a high level of grace and coordination, but using a floor scrubber machine involves a learning curve. When you start to use the machine, start near the wall and make sweeping motions as you move from one side of the room to the other. Apply enough pressure to buff the floor, but not so much that you’ll cause damage or strain your arms.

  • Floors Need to be Prepped Before Scrubbing

While scrubbers are absolutely designed to save you time, they will require some effort. Before using the machine, you’ll need to start by prepping the floors to be scrubbed. That means getting all furniture and other obstacles out of the way and removing any larger pieces of debris that could get caught in the machine as you move across the floor. If you’re cleaning a space that frequently collects small pieces of debris, like a warehouse, be sure to choose a scrubber that can handle it.

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