floor scrubber machine

5 Reasons Why a Floor Scrubber Beats Mopping

A large floor area in your business building that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis can quickly become a burden and a tiring task. But, with the right tools, such as a floor scrubber machine, you will not only get the task done faster than with any mop and bucket but you will also receive much better results.

Here are five reasons why floor scrubber machines are ideal for your workplace.

1. More Efficient
One of the greatest advantages to this floor cleaning equipment is that it is extremely efficient. It allows you to clean large areas of floor more deeply. The motion of the machine more easily scrubs away dirt and grime, leaving your floors shining.

2. Requires Less Effort
While a mop and bucket are extremely easy to use, when you have large areas to clean, it can cause you to be tired and use an excessive amount of energy. When you use a floor scrubber machine, you simply push it across the floors. This not only saves you energy but it also ensures the floor receives an even clean.

3. Fast Drying Times
In your office space, you often don’t have time for wet floors to dry. It can be a hazard to employees or individuals who are in the building and need to cross the floor. When you use these pieces of equipment, they use less water to clean the floors, meaning that the drying times are drastically decreased.

4. Can Easily Remove Those Stubborn Messes
There may be areas on your floor that are a challenge to clean. When you use a mop and a bucket, you will put in a lot of extra energy to scrub the area clean and even then, you may not be successful. The power of a floor scrubber machine makes it easy to fight those unwanted spots. You can easily remove dirt and grime stuck on the floor and loosen up those stains that are creating unwanted eyesores.

5. Saves You and Your Employees Time
Mopping large areas of a floor can take a considerable amount of time. However, with these floor scrubber machines, you can move at a much faster pace. This means that you and your employees save time and you can put your cleaning effort into other areas of your workplace.

If you want to have floors in your business that shine, it may be time to hang up your mop and bucket and consider a floor scrubber machine. To browse a wide selection of products and brands, visit Roy Turk Industrial Sales LTD. Experts are available to help you find a product that is best for your company’s needs and you can enjoy shining, spotless floors in no time.