karcher power washer parts

5 benefits of buying pressure washer parts and accessories from an authorized distributor

If you’re trying to get your hands on some Karcher pressure washer parts and accessories as quickly as possible, you may well settle for the cheapest and most convenient distributor, so that you can get straight on with the task of installing these parts.

This typically causes additional hassle further down the road though. If you’re based in Canada, a better plan would be to end up buying Karcher pressure washer parts in Canada from an official authorized distributor.

Below are five reasons why this is a smart idea, especially in a commercial setting.

Good price

You can be sure that an authorized distributor is working hard to reduce the price of their goods so they can compete with the other distributors in the area. The best distributors in the local area are those who have a huge range of products competitively priced.


Most authorized distributors offer lengthy warranties on their parts so you can be sure so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your hardware can be replaced free of charge if it wears out or breaks down too quickly. There may also be an option of paying for an extended warranty.

Legitimate products, or your money back

Eliminate the odds of buying sub-standard products or dealing with scammers by checking for authorized dealers. Deal with a legitimate company and you can be sure you’ll get the parts you need. If for any reason, you’re unhappy with the products, you can be confident that the vendor will stay true to their refund policy.

Great customer service

Not everyone has an in-depth knowledge of pressure washer parts, and it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re after when shopping for them. Thankfully, an authorized distributor should have all the knowledge needed to answer your questions.

Businesses of all sizes should be aware of the importance of customer services in this industry, and customers should be able to expect to deal with professionals who can offer advice based on experience and expertise.

Free or inexpensive delivery

Authorized distributors tend to have access to a large distribution fleet, so you can get your orders quickly and accurately. Most of the biggest distributors are able to offer free delivery on purchases of a certain size.

What’s more, you can expect to deal with professional fleet drivers who know the expectations for delivering products. That way, the whole experience, from ordering the products to receiving them, can be flawless and pleasant.

The fantastic thing is that the cheapest and most convenient options for Karcher and Kodiak pressure washer parts is they typically come from an official authorized distributor. Certainly, that’s what we’re striving to be here at Roy Turk.