Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washer

12 Most Incredible Uses of a Power Washer

Pressure washers are an incredible tool that allows users to wash spaces that were previously impossible to clean. Scrubbing away dirt and grime with a brush and a bucket of water isn’t only time consuming, it’s also usually not very effective. Using a Kodiak pressure washer makes the cleaning process quick, easy, and fun.

Power washers can be pricey, however. That’s why your Karcher power washer parts providers suggest renting a washer for your next big cleaning project — it’s much cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about long-term storage. Are you unsure about renting a power washer? They’re handier than you might think. Here are the 12 interesting power washer uses you could take advantage of.

1. Grill Maintenance
If you’re a barbeque enthusiast, you understand how important it is to keep your grill fresh and clean. Scrubbing tools take forever, but a power washer cuts your cleaning time in half and does a much better job.

2. Cleaning Repulsive or Unsafe Materials
If there is ever a substance too gross for you to touch with your own two hands, you need only to pull out a power washer to rid yourself of that nasty mess. Goodbye forever, dog poop!

3. Washing Your Deck
Power washers can get rid of mold and mildew in mere seconds. Power cleaning a deck is also much less expensive than an entire deck replacement.

4. Cleaning Your Boat
Boats are notoriously hard to clean with your hands. A power washer can provide you with much easier access and a much better cleaning job.

5. Clear Your Roof of Debris
All it takes to clean your roof is a great power cleaner with an extension attachment. Just remember to ask your Kodiak pressure washer parts provider for a nozzle that won’t blow your shingles away.

6. Pest Control
Traditional pesticides aren’t just dangerous to the pests — they’re not safe for humans to inhale either. Looking to get rid of a hornet’s nest or a family of rats? Power washer to the rescue.

7. Getting Rid of Fallen Branches
It only takes one windy day for a falling branch to knock into your home or fall on an unsuspecting pedestrian. Knock it down with a power washer before it costs you more money in the future!

8. Cleaning your Fish
If you love to go fishing, you know cleaning your fish is the worst part of the experience. With a power washer, you can clean and descale your fish in mere seconds.

9. Cook Prep
Use a power washer with a low-pressure nozzle setting to clean your vegetables and raw meats.

10. Exterior Walls
You may have never thought to wash your outside walls before, but doing so can get rid of years worth of grime, giving your home the look of a brand new property.

11. Maintaining Your Fence
Just like cleaning your exterior walls, using a power washer on your fence can loosen and get rid of dirt.

12. Cleaning Your Gutters
No longer do you have to get up on a ladder and scrape out your gutters by hand. You can get an attachment for your Kodiak pressure washer that turns it into a gutter-washing tool that can get the job done faster than you could on your own.

Are you interested in renting a power washer to tackle any of these chores? Roy Turk has all the pressure washer parts and accessories you need. Contact us today to request a quote.