Looking for Top-Quality Industrial Floor Sweepers in Toronto?

At RoyTurk, we don’t always think of our “products” and “services” in the same way that a lot of our competitors might. We know that, even though you might come to us looking for industrial floor sweepers in Toronto, what you really need isn’t just a piece of cleaning equipment, but a vendor who you can trust to help you find the right equipment, deliver products on schedule, and treat you like a valued member of the family.


For that reason, we carry the very best industrial floor cleaning machines in Mississauga, not to mention the entire greater Toronto area, and back them up with the best service and support in the industry. If you aren’t buying from our company, then you might not even know what you’re missing.

The Best Supplier of Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines in Toronto

If you could describe the perfect vendor for industrial floor cleaning machines in Mississauga, what would come to mind? Although most of our clients probably don’t put that kind of thought into it, here are just a few of the things they tell us they love about RoyTurk:

  • An unmatched selection of industrial floor cleaning machines in Toronto, including models offered by Karcher and Kimberly-Clark
  • The kind of service you can only get from a family owned and operated business that’s been working in the greater Toronto area since 1968
  • A focus on finding the products, including industrial floor sweepers in Toronto, with the highest ratings for durability and cost-effectiveness
  • Low prices and free delivery on janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies throughout the greater Toronto area


If you don’t think it matters where you get your industrial floor cleaning machines in Toronto, call us today and see what kind of difference having the right vendor on your side can make.

We Make it Easy to Buy Industrial Floor Sweepers in Mississauga

No matter what sort of cleaning equipment you’re looking for, RoyTurk should be your first call. There’s a reason why hundreds of businesses in Ontario work with us not just for industrial floor sweepers in Toronto, but also for their cleaning supplies, paper products, hand sanitizer, and so much more.

We might have the very best janitorial equipment anywhere – including exclusive models from Karcher and Kimberly-Clark – but it’s our service that sets us apart. Call us today to find out what a difference it can make to get the right cleaning supply company on your side.

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