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Toronto’s Leading Supplier of Janitorial Products and Cleaning Supplies

RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd is your one-stop shop for janitorial supplies Toronto. We carry the top brands, with top quality to match and exceed all your janitorial needs. From paper products to hand sanitizers, protective gear to garbage bags, we carry it all. Based in the Greater Toronto area, we know your needs and are well prepared to meet them.
With a wide selection of top quality supplies, our reputation is at the top of Toronto suppliers for the cleaning business. We are a janitorial supply company cleaning supplies that have a reputation for service and value that remains unmatched. As a successful, family-owned business, we have earned our place in the market by building relationships, one after another. If you are looking for a company that can enable you to find the janitorial supplies you need in Toronto, and is also small enough to treat you like a friend, then you have found the right place.
RoyTurk is One-Stop Shop For Janitorial Supplies Toronto

We are a janitorial supply company that focuses on quality service, with affordable quality products. Affordable cleaning supplies? Yep, with top quality service and an awesome team to help fulfill all your cleaning supply needs. With full access to some of the top brands in janitorial supplies we are well placed to supply you with the quality your client’s desire. With our Toronto location and unique understanding of local janitorial needs, we are well placed to supply exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

Our business is built on the relationships we have formed with our clients. Part of that relationship means that we are uniquely placed to know your janitorial needs and what brands will work best for you. As mentioned above, we are small enough to treat you as a friend, but still large enough to fully supply the janitorial supplies you need.

We serve hundreds of businesses throughout the southern Ontario area, and provide them with top quality service and top quality products and brands. Tired of working with companies you can’t trust, or being treated like the smallest fish in the barrel? Try Roy Turk Industrial Sales, Ltd and find out how we built our family owned business, one relationship at a time.

As with any business, the goal should be to find the vendor with the best pricing, selection, and customer service. Sometimes though, one of these elements is missing. With Roy Turk Industrial Sales, Ltd however you can count on finding the best price, selection, and customer service.

Toronto’s premier janitorial supplies company

Toronto's premier Cleaning Supplies

Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd. is Toronto’s premier janitorial supplies company. We are a family owned business that has been serving area companies of all sizes for nearly 50 years. Carrying a huge inventory of products and a wide range of cleaning supplies from paper products, skin care, garbage bags to equipment such as vacuums and floor cleaning machines. We are truly a one stop shop for all your janitorial needs.

Whether you are responsible for a small office, a restaurant, a retail store or a much larger public or private commercial or industrial facility, Roy Turk has you covered when it comes to the supplies you’ll need to keep your premises clean, tidy and sanitized. Because we are experts in the cleaning supply business and maintain such a large inventory, we are able to offer you the best name brands in janitorial supplies at competitive prices.

Toronto’s source for bulk and commercial cleaning supplies

If your building is open to the public or you have a large number of employees, you know how quickly a business can go through cleaning supplies. At Roy Turk, we offer an affordable and convenient solution to help ensure that you don’t come up short on the essentials such paper and feminine hygiene products, skin care, wipers, garbage bags, rubber gloves and cleaning chemicals.

We also offer a wide assortment of equipment such as no-touch soap dispensers, floor machines and pressure washers.

Choose the floor cleaning machine that suits your business

When it comes to janitorial supplies, industrial floor cleaning machines are one of the larger investments that your business is likely to make. At Roy Turk, we carry a variety of different makes and sizes and are sure to have just the right machine to suit your company’s needs.

Whether you have a small operation that only requires one or more portable units or whether you require large ride-on industrial sweepers, you can trust us to provide top quality products from recognized brand names like Karcher and Kimberly-Clark.

Service you can trust

You don’t get to stay in business in Toronto for fifty years without providing great products and superior customer service. Our team of professional customer service representatives are passionate about cleaning supplies and equipment – and this passion comes through every time we serve our customers.

Regardless of whether you’re ordering through our online store, calling us directly to get a quote on a bulk order, or contacting us to receive more information about any of our products, you can be confident that you’ll always receive the gold standard in customer service.

Our commitment to you

Our Commitment to provide the best cleaning supplies to you in Toronto

At Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd. we pride ourselves on having one of the largest selections of high quality janitorial products and equipment in the Toronto area. Our commitment to being able to provide your business with the supplies and cleaning machines you need along with our trademark best-in-class service is what keeps our customers coming back to us time and time again.

We invite you to experience the Roy Turk difference. Please feel free to browse our online store or contact us directly.

Best Industrial Floor Scrubbers and Commercial Cleaning Equipments?

Do You Know Where to Buy Industrial Floor Scrubbers in Toronto and Get the Best Commercial Cleaning Equipment?

Buy Industrial Floor Scrubbers in Toronto and Get the Best Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Welcome to RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd., a supplier of industrial floor scrubbing in Toronto. We currently serve hundreds of businesses throughout southern Ontario, providing them with the best janitorial equipment, sanitation supplies, and related products at affordable prices.

But our customers don’t just come to us because we carry top brands like Karcher and Kimberly-Clark — they also turn to RoyTurk because we have a reputation for value and service that is unmatched. As a successful, family-owned business, we have earned our place in the market by building one relationship after another. If you’re looking for a company that’s big enough to help you find what you need for industrial floor scrubbing in Toronto, but small enough to treat you like a friend, then you’re in the right place.

Industrial Floor Scrubbers in Mississauga and Throughout the Greater Toronto Area

Although we have built a reputation for being one of the premier suppliers of industrial floor scrubbers in the greater Toronto area, we can help you find other equipment, too. In fact, we have one of the largest selections in Ontario of floor machines, vacuums, extractors, sweepers, and pressure washers. We even carry paper products, hand soap, and garbage bags!

That means that it doesn’t matter whether you need high-end Karcher industrial floor scrubbing in Toronto, or just everyday cleaning products for your team — we can help you find what you need at a great price.

Here are just a few more reasons to work with the RoyTurk team:

  • Our company is equipped to work with the largest orders, or the smallest
  • We offer free delivery on equipment and cleaning products throughout the greater Toronto area
  • With more than 40 years in the business, we know cleaning products and janitorial supplies like no one else
  • RoyTurk has exclusive relationships with a number of premium suppliers, making us the best place to get industrial floor scrubbers in Mississauga and elsewhere

Why spend more than you have to on cleaning products and janitorial supplies, or buy from someone you can’t trust? Call the team at RoyTurk today to get a great deal on industrial floor scrubbing in Toronto.

The Right Vendor for Industrial Floor Scrubbing in Toronto

In every business and industry, it pays to find a vendor who has the right combination of great products, superior service, and affordable pricing. When you’re looking for industrial floor scrubbers in Toronto, that choice is always going to be RoyTurk. Call or e-mail us today to find out more, or to be contacted by one of our territory representatives.

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